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September. 22. 2014. 06:59 am 1 note


After watching a movie alone, i decided to have dinner in one korean restaurant which is very budget friendly - Chef’s Noodle in SM North, The Block. As soon as I entered the store, staff greeted their guests with the ususal korean way of saying ‘hello’ which is ‘anneonghasseyo’ and as soon as you leave their restaurant they will say ‘kamsahamnida’ as saying ‘thankyou’.

I’m all by mysef, so as much as I would like to order at least 3 menus, I cant. ;( I’m afraid that I might not be able to eat all of those. hahaha. Anyways, since it was dinner, I just ordered Bibimbap. Tastes so great. I told the staff not to put any chili paste on it so I can enjoy it (i dont want spicy foods, but it’s an ironic to love korean food) Besides, there were chili paste on the table wherein you can add any amount of it, depending on how you would love to it them. So it’s your own taste. :)

Then I also ordered Iced Tea which is not the usual lemon, but it was Strawberry Iced Tea. Yes, starwberry! Reddish color but not the usual ‘red tea’. Nice combination huh?!

Like what I’ve said, I’d love to order more.. So i ordered Bulgogi Kimbap for me to take it home. hahaha. Bulgogi wrap in a kimbap. Yummy!!! Plus the amazing ceiling and chandelier and background music which of course, all Kpop and korean drama OST. I love it!!!! ;)

Next time, I’ll bring my friends to Chef’s Noodle. There are several branches in other asian countries, it was first here in the Philippines.

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September. 19. 2014. 10:01 am

September 19.. and Septembet 26

September 19, 2014, si Bagyong Mario… September 26, 2009, it was Bagyong Ondoy… Katakot. Dejavu. Flashback.

September. 19. 2014. 09:59 am

Government sector, suspended…

Ang mga taga colcenter, OVERTIME PA!!!

September. 15. 2014. 01:46 pm

So love these!!!! Pororo!!! hahaha

September. 06. 2014. 10:26 am

September 4, 2014.

6:30am ang out ko sa office, nagOT ng 1 hour para konting oras na lang ang hihintayin ko. Naghintay ako ng mall hours para mag-open ang lahat ng bookstores sa Gateway at Farmers Cubao. Kahit sa pinakamalaking NBS branch sa Cubao wala pa daw deliver nyan. Puro pareserve at iwan ng contact number… Meron 3 copies pero reserved na. 

Derecho ako sa Trinoma at North. Pasok sa NBS, Fully Booked, Powerbooks… wala pa din daw.. reservations, lista ng name at contact number then tetext na lang daw nila pag meron na… ang haba ng nilakad ko, pagod much. sumuko na nga ako at TALAGANG HINDI NA AKO BIBILI NITO. Nasa loob na ako ng fx pauwi, pero pasalamat na lang at matagal magpuno ung fx, at biglang may nareceived akong text galing sa isang bookstore na pinuntahan ko… 

"Good Day! Inform ko lang po kayo, available na po ung Esquire Mag Sept Issue dito po sa <insert branch here>…",

yan ang text nila… at nagreply ako, nagmakaawa hahah "Pls po pareserve, papunta na po ako jan in 15 mins"… at bumaba uli ako sa fx, sabay bawi ng pamasahe ko (kasi nakapagbayad na ako).. tapos, takbo, lakad ng mabilis baka maubusan pa uli ako… Dami kong sinabi para ramdam nyo ung pagod ko!!!!!! grrrrrrr!!! hahaha…

Fullfilling naman ang feeling. Then kinabukasa, may nagtext uli sa isang bookstore na pinuntahan ko, available na daw. I just need to confirm lang daw kung interested pa akong i-reserved yun at irereserved nila within 24 hours. Though I got 1 copy na, sabi ko sarili ko sayang naman ung nireserved ko at ung pagod ko nung araw na nagpareserved ako. So I replied sa text nila na intersted pa ako. Then, i offered it to one of my officemate. Sya na lang ang bibili nung 2nd na copy, ako lang ang magcclaim dahil nakapangalan sakin ung reservation. So that was a deal. Ayun, natapos na din ang mga paghihirap ko para sa Special Edition ng Esquire Magazine na ito… #eraserheads

September. 03. 2014. 08:11 am 3 notes


After our super tiring night shift of work, from Gilmore Ave, QC we headed to Del Monte Ave, to visit Ace Water Spa and also we’ve decided to have our brunch at The Breakfast Club: Great Starts, Happy Endings. This is Erich Gonzales’ resto and was already featured on KrisTV with of course, Ms. Kris Aquino.

I’ve been waiting for this opportunity to visit the place right after I’ve watched the episode on KrisTV. I’ve invited some of my officemates and friends, but since we’re working in a bpo company and we don’t have such enough time to go out together because of our ‘busy schedule’, I still managed to wait for this opportunity.

After visiting Ace Water Spa in Del Monte Ave, we decided to visit also Sto. Domingo Church. It was my first time to visit it. Then, after a long walk from the church, we found TBC. 

We’ve been there at exactly 10am. Their breakfast buffet is about to finish in 30 mins, so we have no choice but to order their regular menus that they offer. By that time, only breakfast menu is available. We’ve decided to order some, and waited until 11am so we can start ordering the other entree’s on the menu. First order: the whole Peanut Butter Cake. It was not my birthday, nor my friends’ birthday. We just decided to order a whole cake because of their current promo (instead of getting it with original price, it’s discounted) The cake was topped with Choc-nut (local chocolate bar), whip cream and cherries… and some peaches I think. That’s awesome. Nice presentation when it was delivered to our table. :)

I also ordered Omellete, with ham and cheese. The cheese choices are mozzarella and other types of cheese (which i am not kinda familiar with). In short, it was an omellete with ham and ‘different types of cheeses’ just to be safe. hahah

We’ve finished the whole cake ( actually only 3 slices left out of 8 slices) and omellete around 11am and by that time, we are ready for another battle - which is to try the other menus. Next was the Bibimbap. It was so so so delicious. I love korean food, but i don’t like spicy food. Ironic right? well, i just dont like spicy foods hehe.. I ordered Bibimbap and requested not to include chili paste on it so I can eat it - and yes, request granted. I finished it all with no left overs haha.

My colleagues ordered Korean BBQ tofu (which has lot of chili powder and chili flakes) and Gambas. We are all full the moment we finished eating those foods. We’ve enjoyed a lot. We’ll surely go back again to TBC. :)

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August. 08. 2014. 09:24 pm

We had our dinner (at Crisostomo, Fairview Ayala Terraces branch) for my mom’s despedida as she will go abroad next week. Why here at Crisostomo? Because I surely believe that she will miss and will crave for Filipino cuisine when she goes abroad. :) How thoughful I am, right? haha :) :p

Tiago’s Triumph: Oysters with Spinach and Bacon.

My mom doesn’t really pay too much attention when it comes to seafoods. She likes meat and veggies a lot. Among 8 pcs of Oysters, she only tried 1 and my tita got 2 pcs and the rest were of course, mine! I have chosen this for my own craving satifaction anyway. hahah. #SelfishMe

Kapitan Valentin: Suateed vegetable chopsuey with Coconut Meat.

We have seafood and we have vegetable to make it an equal meal. Well, mixed veggies so what do you expect? Plus it has Coconut meat, quail eggs and a little of chopped squids.

Sinigang ni Eva: Pork Sinigang with native vegetables and Watermelon.

Who would ever imagine that Watermelon can be added to a Sinigang dish? Taste weird?… NO! It still tastes like the normal ’ Sinigang sa Sampalok ‘. It tastes so good. The soup just became red because of the watermelon, but it is still a sinigang. Truly delicious. 

Tinapa ni Tiburcio: Tinapa and Salted Egg wrapped in Crispy Lumpia Wrapper

A somehow similar to ’ lumpiang shanghai ‘, however it is tinapa and salted egg. Well, too salty because the two ingredients are already salty, but there’s a vinegar with onion and garlic to dip. So it just compliments each other. By the way, it was actually 6 pcs per order. I wonder who took the first 3 pcs. hahaha..

And for our drinks, a pitcher of Melon juice satisfied our hungry stomach… 

Crisostomo. Filipinos know him to be the protagonist in Jose Rizal’s novels, Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo. Restaurant that offers an authentic Filipino cuisine served with a sophisticated twist. (

August. 08. 2014. 11:03 am 1 note

All cheese white pizza… turned into hawaiian and pepperoni white pizza. (mozzarella, ricotta, gorgonzola and parmesan in olive oil… plus pepperoni, pineapple and fresh chopped basil for my personal add-ons) yummy!  

July. 13. 2014. 04:51 pm


It’s been years since I’ve been in this church. If i can still remember, parang 1st year highschool days pa… Inakala kong may malaking pagbabago pero ganun pa din sa loob at ganun pa din ang altar… Madami pa ding tao. Buhay na buhay ang choir… Hindi naman ito ang muli kong pagdalaw sa Tondo, sa katunayan nga kapag may okasyon like fiesta or family reunion andito kami… Pero ngayon lang uli ako nagsimba at nakapasok sa loob ng simbahan na ‘to. At muling nag flashback ang iilang memories na nangyari dito nung maliit pa ako…

July. 05. 2014. 10:36 pm 122 notes

Single is not a status.


It’s a word that describes a person who is strong enough to live and enjoy life without depending on others.

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